Is Amber normal? Like who the hell kills someone in cold blood? Sure the dude was rude, but wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for a Non-human to handle that Icky Stuff? Are they human? Sure as fuck don’t look like it. They give me the Heebie Jeebies. ✨

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, as it were, as you are new here.

Though I have not discussed it prior, Lady Amber is… more than human, shall we say. The details of which are not for Me to share. If she wishes to share them, that is her prerogative.

I understand you are afraid of what doesn’t seem normal or natural to your eyes. And she would not have killed him had I not given her permission to do so.

(He frowns, and considers a moment how best to explain the matter to you.)

Lady Amber is a loyal friend and servant to the Crown. She understands the penalties for such flagrant disrespect of a member of a Royal house. Meg is a demon, yes. But, as My daughter and heir to My throne, she is also a Crown Princess.

I am a God and a King, both. And I do not suffer fools.

In this world, I decide who lives… and who dies.


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