No Resolve-What You Deserve Avril Lavigne-I Fell in Love with the Devil Amy Lee-Love Exists Ciara-Paint it Black Claire Wyndham-My Love Will Never Die Everyone Loves A Villain-Eater of Worlds

Ah, more music, I see. Thank you, My love.

No Resolve – “What You Deserve”

This is quite enjoyable, with its strong melody and honest lyrics. The vocalist is in excellent voice, as well.

Avril Lavigne – “I Fell In Love With The Devil”

It seems that Avril has finally grown up, and is now creating understated, beautiful ballads. She is in fine voice here, and the video is quite charming.

Amy Lee – “Love Exists”

Ah, yes, Amy Lee. Whether as part of Evanescence or creating her own solo work, she can always be trusted to craft extraordinary music. I believe this is actually an English-language cover of an Italian pop song (”L’amore esiste” by Francesca Michielin). Whatever the case, her voice suits it perfectly and the lyrics capture the beauty of love in the poetic fashion she is best known for.

Another for the playlist, I believe.

Ciara – “Paint It, Black”

Another excellently done cover, this time of a hit song by the Rolling Stones, done in a modern style. It don’t believe Ciara has recorded music quite like this, either before or since.

Claire Wyndham – “My Love Will Never Die”

I believe this is the song from the fourth season finale of the Netflix series “Lucifer”. It is quite excellent, with the singer’s soft folk-influenced voice in contrast to such a musical soundscape.

Everyone Loves A Villain – “Eater Of Worlds”

I would like this more if the balance between the voice and instruments were more even, rather than appearing to drown his voice out. This is why a good sound engineer is so important.


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