tumblr is back on it’s bullshit big time. @thehearsc-deactivated20191116 was just able to access their blog earlier today, was read as active and then suddenly was logged out completely from their mobile tumblr and pc. when they tried to log in, it said the email wasn’t even registered to tumblr at all. their blog stayed active on my end for about 2hrs, but then showed them as deactivated. no notice from staff, absolutely no reason whatsoever as to why their blog could’ve been deactivated. and if you try to recreate your blog, you won’t be able to get your url back after it’s deactivated.

please be aware this shit is happening again, i know it happened sometime last year or so, but this is the first i’ve seen it so far recently. spread this around if you’d like, make it known, because tumblr is yet again doing some major fuckshit. if this happens to you or someone you know, spam the hell out of staff. we all know they never listen to their platform and likely will spew out bullshit claims, but still : there is no reason for anyone to lose any amount of time on ANY type of blog to random deactivation.


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