The future of this channel.

The future of this channel.

What happened to “The Best of Mark & Lixian” and what’s going to happen to this channel? Melissa explains it all — and then some — here.

Timestamps for those who need them:
0:00 The intro (let’s do this).
0:49 Why I pulled most of my content (and not just the Mark & Lixian compilations)
2:28 Why I created the Mark & Lixian compilations.
3:50 The consequence of going viral.
4:39 Where my true passion lies (and why this is no longer a gaming channel).
5:58 What I’d rather be known for.
6:45 Getting to the good news (and my upcoming projects).
7:29 Upcoming audiobook: “Apocryphal Musings”
8:43 Upcoming podcast: “Ark One”
10:55 Upcoming Christmas album: “Winter Cold Night”
12:08 Upcoming novel: the sequel to “Griffin Unbowed”
13:06 The two other projects (just a little hint).
13:30 To subscribe or unsubscribe? (Plus, the new upload schedule!)
15:06 The new direction of this channel.
16:34 The wrap up (and yay for less stuttering!).

To view this channel’s old content, check out my Vimeo channel:

If you’re still looking for “The Best of Mark & Lixian” compilations, they’re right here:

End screen music: “Club” by Andrew Huang

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