7 Myths About Self-Publishing DEBUNKED

7 Myths About Self-Publishing DEBUNKED

Are you considering becoming a self-published author, but feeling worried because you’ve heard so many horror stories about it? Have no fears! Melissa is here to ease your mind by discussing and debunking the 7 most common myths about self publishing.

Timestamps for those who need them:

0:00 Intro
0:41 Myth #1 – The process of self publishing is easy.
4:43 Myth #2 – Self publishing is for writers who aren’t good enough to be traditionally published.
6:27 Myth #3 – You should never design your own covers.
10:27 Myth #4 – Self publishing your work costs a lot of money.
12:21 Myth #5 – Self publishing is a scam.
13:56 Myth #6 – Self publishing your work won’t get you respect.
15:54 Myth #7 – Self publishing is easy money.
18:59 Signing off
19:22 End screen

===Stuff to create your own book covers===



===Useful sites to help you self publish===

The Book Cover Designer

Best & Worst Self Publishing Services

End screen music: “Club” by Andrew Huang

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