Welcome to the website of independent author, music producer and all around creative individual Melissa Treglia. I am co-author of the new horror/urban fantasy novel “Griffin Unbowed,” and I remix popular songs under the DJ name Knight Muzic.

In addition, I am an astrologer, tarot reader and practitioner of Stregheria. I have been honing my various skills for over twenty years, since I was a teenager. Now that I’m in my thirties, I have finally come out from the shadows of my solitary practice; I now use my powers of divination to aid and educate, and my creative abilities to entertain others.

I’m still working on adding my older material to the pages. Please take a look around as you like, and let me know what appeals to you. If you’re looking to commission work, you can contact me by using any of my social media links, by dropping a comment on my blog, or using the contact form I’ve created just for you. 🙂

I’m still doing a lot of work on this site, so bookmark it and check back regularly for updates. Or, even better, just follow my updates blog!

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