Welcome to the website of independent author, music producer and all-around creative individual Melissa Treglia. She is the co-author of the vampire horror novel Griffin Unbowed and author of the poetry collection Apocryphal Musings. She also remixes popular songs under the DJ name Knight Muzic.

Over the years, she has been highly active in various online fandoms, writing pieces that reinterpret the lives of characters from her favourite shows and several book series. She also has a Youtube channel, where she intermittently posts clips of her life and other interests.

Melissa is currently hard at work on the sequel to Griffin Unbowed, as well as more music, more poetry and a brand new science fiction podcast. If you’re hoping to commission work from her or invite her to collaborate, you may contact her using the email form designated for that purpose.

Material (old and new alike) will be added to the site as scheduling permits. Check the blog or follow her on social media for more frequent updates.

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