Melissa Treglia is a longtime author of both transformative fiction and independently released original works. Additionally, she is an award-winning poet, a music producer and remixer, voice actor and Youtuber. In her spare time, she likes to interpret astrology charts and the tarot.

She lives in New Jersey with her mother, husband and three cats. She graduated from Brick Computer Science Institute in 2005 with a 3.6 GPA, after majoring in Web Design and Programming.

She’s been making up stories from the time she first learned how to pick up a pencil and write her name. Her first short story (a silly little diversion having to do with the car K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider) was written by the age of five, and she published her first poem at fourteen. She began to write regularly, immersing herself in both her highly-personal poetry and playing in the world of fan fiction, and displaying some on her first website’s pages (and others via discussion forums and various content archives) by February 2000.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that she finally released her debut collection Apocryphal Musings. The poetry collection contained a hundred poems she had written over her lifetime, gathered all in one place for the first time. The following year, she achieved the top ten in the finals of the NAMI New Jersey poetry contest.

In November 2017, after ten years of toying with remixes of her favourite songs, she began to take her “side gig” in music production more seriously, and released A Little Knight Muzic, volumes 1 and 2. This was immediately followed up in December with “The Dreamkeepers Megamix,” a retrospective of the German metal group Xandria’s greatest hits.

In 2018, she redesigned and reedited the Apocryphal Musings collection for re-release via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.

In 2019, she released two EPs: mixes of Madonna’s 1998 hit “Frozen” and two new versions of Christina Aguilera’s 2012 single “Your Body“. In August of that year, she released her first novel Griffin Unbowed, a collaborative effort with longtime co-author Nicole Harvelle that they had been working on for the last dozen years.

She is currently hard at work on a new novel, more music, more poetry and a brand new science fiction podcast. Stay tuned to this website for future updates and new releases!