CD Covers

This page is for album covers, jewelcases and CD art I designed. There will be more items in the future, however… whenever I’m able to unearth them from my poor, file-laden computer.

Céline Dion

This songbird from a small town in Quebec has been my favourite female solo artist since I was only 7 years old. It’s no surprise, then, that I designed a few covers for her work. These two were to compile her copious amounts of French and English duets into a single collection. One cover features one of her more recent duet partners, Josh Groban, and the other features the Canadian diva by herself.

celine-duets celine-duets2

Also, I created my own collection of her early 80s French recordings (well, the ones that were released outside of Canada, anyway).

celine-frenchcollection-cover celine-frenchcollection-jewelcase

I had also combined the official French and English recordings from her Taking Chances World Tour (in Boston and Montreal) into one recording.


As well as creating one for her extremely rare songs.



Evanescence, the Grammy winning band who first barreled their way out of Little Rock, AR with the massive hit “Bring Me to Life” in 2003, made a big impression on me as an angry 19-year-old.  To date, they’re still one of my favourite bands… especially as they were the gateway into my exploration of female-fronted hard rock and metal. So, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic for their older material.

I actually created full CD art for their single “Good Enough” (whose release was canceled by their label Wind-Up Records in late 2007 for unknown reasons). The tracks on this single are the ones that were originally slated to appear on the real maxi CD… as well as a special edit I did of the title song.

EV-GoodEnough-cover EV-GoodEnough-insert EV-GoodEnough-disclabel

I also did two covers to compile their remixes on my music app, and one for their rarities.

ev-remixes ev-remixes2 ev-rarities

And lastly, but certainly not least: I had purchased the Beauty in Darkness rarities bootleg awhile back, but didn’t like how the CD labels were designed for that 2CD collection. So I made my own.

ev-BID-newdisc1 ev-BID-newdisc2


I created a joke cover and jewelcase for Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor prior to the real album’s release in 2005. It’s no secret that I really don’t like Madonna (I like her 80s songs, but I don’t think her producers get enough credit for their work). I also felt the title of this album was ripping off Usher’s Confessions. The joke is, of course, how terrible an actual confessional dance album from her would be (as COAD wasn’t one, really).

coad-jokecover coad-jokejewelcase

Mariah Carey

Mariah is another artist I grew up hearing on the radio. While I don’t particularly care for her as much as I like Céline, I still enjoy some of her work… enough to create covers for two rare remixes.

mariah-emotionscover mariah-lookingin

Shania Twain

I’m not a huge country fan, but I do like Shania. I’ve liked her since her appearance in VH1 Divas Live (the original one, first premiered back in April 1998). I’ve since created covers for three of her singles.

shania-godbless shania-party42 shania-onceover

I also created a cover to compile her remixes.


As well as a cover for her Limelight demo sessions, because I didn’t like the official versions that had been released.