Griffin’s Kin

Series: Pureblood Archives #2
Author(s): Melissa Treglia, Nicole Harvelle
Release Date: June 15, 2021
Genre: ,
Pages: 480

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Toronto's latest vampire detective returns in a new adventure that examines the bonds of family and the endurance of the human spirit.

Even as he begins to adjust to his strange new life and the dark power within him, the ghosts of Griffin's past have not found rest. The memories of a family long lost to him return, in the flesh... and in ways he could not have predicted.

His tormented twin brother walks the streets, driven insane from years of torture at the hands of the corrupt vampire Council... while the Council that ruined both their lives is now in disarray and on the run, its surviving members seeking revenge for their fall from power.

Griffin's father, meanwhile, comes back into his life unexpectedly. With him, he brings news that their lifetime of suffering is merely the opening volleys of a civil war that's been bubbling under the surface, concealed in the shadows that have kept the world of the vampires safe from scrutiny.

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