Griffin Unbowed

"They're watching you. You're in far deeper shit than you realize, detective. If you're not careful... you'll see too much of the wrong thing. You need to bury this case before it buries you."

Griffin Blasko is a young, strong-willed detective for the Toronto police department, with his star on a meteoric rise. He gets pulled into solving what seems to be an unsolvable case, as he's the city's last hope for justice against a killer who still stalks the streets at night. The bodies of the victims have been left completely drained of blood, and there are whispers that it must be a vampire on the loose in the bustling metropolis.

But vampires don't exist. Or do they?

Griffin soon finds himself embroiled in a fight for his life against the monsters the rest of the world considers to be only legend. His sole ally is the intelligent, resourceful Laila... who is also a survivor who has kept her witsβ€”and pulseβ€”in this mysterious underworld of the undead. She's the only one he can turn to when the knowledge he gains costs him dearly.

After nearly having his throat ripped out, Griffin begins displaying the traits of a transitioning vampire. He finds himself hungry, scared and desperate as he begins to slip further and further away from his humanity.

The enigmatic Elder vampire Sekhmet has been called in to retrieve him and take him to see the Council of Elders, a group of ancient vampires whose goals don't have mankind's best interests at heart. And Laila finds herself caught in the crossfire of the Council's murderous intent.

Can Griffin save humanity, the girl... and his soul? Read More

Griffin’s Kin

Available for pre-order at select retailers.

Toronto's latest vampire detective returns in a new adventure that examines the bonds of family and the endurance of the human spirit.

Even as he begins to adjust to his strange new life and the dark power within him, the ghosts of Griffin's past have not found rest. The memories of a family long lost to him return, in the flesh... and in ways he could not have predicted.

His tormented twin brother walks the streets, driven insane from years of torture at the hands of the corrupt vampire Council... while the Council that ruined both their lives is now in disarray and on the run, its surviving members seeking revenge for their fall from power.

Griffin's father, meanwhile, comes back into his life unexpectedly. With him, he brings news that their lifetime of suffering is merely the opening volleys of a civil war that's been bubbling under the surface, concealed in the shadows that have kept the world of the vampires safe from scrutiny. Read More