This page is for my list of links to fanlistings, hatelistings, web cliques and directories I’m a part of. There’s also some links to other sites of writers that I enjoy, as well as some good resources for my fellow writers.

Be My Valentine FL Sons Of Belial FL The Fix FL Games Vampires Play FLFeeding The Beast FL Stranger Than Fiction FL Dance By The Light Of The Moon FL Dark Knight FL For I Have Sinned FL Near Death FL Wolf FL Roald Dahl FL

Stuff Fashions HL

Acceptance Clique Project Silence Clique

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Other Folk’s Writings

Cousin Mary’s Tracy Vetter Page
Dark Side Of The Glass
Greer’s Forever Knight FK4
Jarvinia’s Fanfic Dungeon
Ophelia5’s Page
The Runts Fiction Page
Writing For The Knight

Publishing & Other Resources

Cascade Writers
All About Romance
By Light Unseen Vampire Resource
Citizens Against Bad Slash
Erotica Readers & Writers Association
Fiction Ratings
Minotaur’s Slash Help Sites
National Novel Writing Month
Word Wizard