A Little Knight Muzic, Vol. 2

Cover:A Little Knight Muzic, Vol. 2

I took the more than a dozen musical ideas that had been left unfinished, collecting dust in my virtual vault for years, and completed them as a complement to the first collection. Most of these ideas had been works-in-progress floating around in my harddrive for the past five years or more, but it wasn’t until early in November 2017 that I listened to them again. Once I had, I knew they needed to be brought to their natural state of completion if I was going to move forward creatively. Now they are being released into the wilds of the Internet, and everything old is new again.

Released: November 29, 2017
Price: Pay what you want!
Distribution: Bandcamp, Inc. (digital)

  • 105:16Mariah Carey feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Triumphant (KM’s Diva Extended Mix)
  • 205:35Mariah Carey feat. Young Jeezy & Busta Rhymes – Side Effects (KM’s Triad Remix)
  • 303:53Jennifer Lopez – The One (KM’s You Are Everything Mix)
  • 405:57Mariah Carey feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Breakdown (KM’s Even Mo’ Thugs Mix)
  • 504:06Loreena McKennitt – Dante’s Prayer (KM’s Edit)
  • 604:07Evanescence – Good Enough (KM’s Radio Edit)
  • 704:13Tarja Turunen – Die Alive (KM’s Carpe Noctum Mix)
  • 804:57Evanescence feat. Paul McCoy (of 12 Stones) – Bring Me To Life (KM’s Electro Storm Mix)
  • 900:37Fred Mollin – Forever Knight Theme (KM’s Title Card Edit)
  • 1005:15Nightwish – Ghost Love Score (KM’s My Fall Will Be For Edit)
  • 1104:56Nightwish – Rest Calm (KM’s Radio Edit)
  • 1203:13Evanescence – Tourniquet (KM’s Forthefallen Edit)
  • 1306:30Janet Jackson – If (KM’s Album Extension Mix)
  • 1402:29Kylie Minogue – Step Back In Time (KM’s Short Edit)
  • 1504:17Mariah Carey feat. Jermaine Dupri – Sweetheart (KM’s Arroyo Edit)
  • 1603:39Madonna – Hung Up (KM’s Get Up & Dance Edit)
  • 1706:10Madonna feat. Lil’ Wayne – Revolver (KM’s Guetta Extension)

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