A Little Knight Muzic, Vol. 3

Cover:A Little Knight Muzic, Vol. 3

The musical journey continues with this third volume of the “A Little Knight Muzic” series. It contains 6 remix singles that were individually released from December 2017 onward, as well as 8 new edits exclusive to this collection.

From the dark ambient drama of “Imaginary” to the theatrical “Bring Me To Life” to the radio-ready bounce of “You Drive Me Crazy”, Knight Muzic’s releases are becoming more fluid and dynamic year by year.

Listen and anticipate the triumphs yet to come.

Released: November 23, 2020
Price:ย Pay what you want!
Distribution:ย Bandcamp, Inc. (digital)

  • 104:10Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (KM's Stop The Madness! Remix)
  • 205:16Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (KM's Momentous Hex Edit)
  • 304:51Ricky Martin & Christina Aguilera - Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (KM's Latin Love Extension)
  • 403:44Celine Dion - Nothing Broken But My Heart (KM's Radio Edit)
  • 503:10Gloria Estefan - Your Picture (KM's Radio Edit)
  • 602:55Celine Dion - My Precious One (KM's Radio Edit)
  • 706:22Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan - Silence (KM's Album Edit)
  • 804:35Sarah Brightman - You Take My Breath Away (KM's Radio Edit)
  • 908:15Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back to Me Now (KM's Moran Anthem, Pt. 2)
  • 1005:53SYE feat. Markiplier - Let's Play / Bitch I'm Fabulous! (KM's Blend)
  • 1113:14Enigma - The Eyes Of Truth (KM's Ragnarรถk Extension)
  • 1202:11Anette Olzon - Hear Me (KM's Edit)
  • 1305:17Evanescence - Imaginary (KM's Purple Sky Mix)
  • 1405:50Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (KM's Epic Rock Mix)

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