The Dreamkeepers Megamix

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The German symphonic metal band Xandria has released fourteen singles in as many years. During their tenure among the metal community, they’ve had three different singers: Lisa Middelhauve (2003-2008), Manuela Kraller (2012) and Dianne van Giersbergen (2014-2017).

This megamix chronicles the band’s musical evolution, from the more Gothic influenced metal of their early years, to the Middle Eastern instrumentation in mid-career, to the massive orchestrations and complex compositions of their most recent work.

Follow me through the Dreamkeepers’ path.

Released: December 5, 2017
Price: Pay what you want!
Distribution: Bandcamp, Inc. (digital)

Written and composed by Marco Haubaum
Co-writers: Lisa Middelhauve, Nils Middelhauve, Benjamin Schwenen, Christian Steenken, Tony Kakko, Dianne van Giersbergen and Joost van den Broek
Guest vocals on “We Are Murderers (We All): Björn Strid of Soilwork

“Kill the Sun” originally released on Kill The Sun (Drakkar, 2003)
“Ravenheart” and “Eversleeping” originally released on Ravenheart (Drakkar, 2004)
“In Love With The Darkness” originally released on India (Drakkar, 2005)
“Sisters of the Light” and “Save My Life” originally released on Salomé: The Seventh Veil (Drakkar, 2007)

“Valentine” originally released on Neverworld’s End (Napalm, 2012)
“Dreamkeeper” and “Nightfall” originally released on Sacrificium (Napalm, 2014)
“Voyage of the Fallen” and “Don’t Say A Word” originally released on Fire & Ashes (Napalm, 2015)
“We Are Murderers (We All),” “Call of Destiny” and “Queen of Hearts Reborn” originally released on Theater Of Dimensions (Napalm, 2017)

  • 1Valentine
  • 2Ravenheart
  • 3Kill The Sun
  • 4In Love With The Darkness
  • 5Dreamkeeper
  • 6Nightfall
  • 7Voyage Of The Fallen
  • 8Don't Say A Word
  • 9We Are Murderers (We All)
  • 10Call Of Destiny
  • 11Queen Of Hearts Reborn
  • 12Sisters Of The Light
  • 13Save My Life
  • 14Eversleeping

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