A little dark thought at midnight…

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(Which is the perfect time to entertain dark thoughts…)

Anybody else thinking that, while the Youtuber fandom is blowing up over even the tiniest hints of Anti’s possible return (because the glitch is a little attention whore who loves watching everybody lose their shit)…

Dark is, meanwhile, sitting in the shadows and calmly adjusting his cuff-links… smug in the knowledge that HIS devotees are also waiting on pins and needles… and they won’t know what hit them.

Especially with Markiplier’s pretty low-key acknowledgment via Twitter that he’s got (and I quote) “something really special” coming down the pipeline, as appreciation for hitting the 18 million subscriber milestone. (And, apparently, the last time Markimoo said something like that, A Date with Markiplier was released. QED.)

Otherwise, all’s been strangely quiet in the Teamiplier sphere. Too quiet. Like the quiet you get before a hurricane hits. And there’s only one alter-ego with the force to knock us all on our collective asses like Superstorm Sandy.

Dark’s the king of manipulation, the grand chessmaster of toying with people’s minds, lives and emotions. The feeding-frenzy Anti’s caused is probably something he considers child’s play… a youthful diversion and no more.

Dark wants more than mere attention. He wants to OWN us.

But don’t ask if he’ll be back… because he never truly left…


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