A little father-son bonding…

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*thinks on the utter HELL we've experienced with Anti the past few days, the breakdown today and the hell we're STILL experiencing due to the fact he said see you soon and is most likely going to show up again when he uploads tomorrow and imagines DARK'S anger in this scenario* O-O Holy FUCK we're SO fubbernucked aren't we?

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On the bright side, just picture what their father-son bonding experiences must be like:
Dark: “So, what do you think of going to the company picnic this month?”
Anti: “Aww, Pops, do I have to? It’ll just be Azazel and Lucifer talking about the good old days when people ran in terror, instead of trying to hunt down us supernatural types.”
Dark: “You don’t really mean that. There’ll be lots of food, charades, party favours, and a ritualistic mass sacrifice, followed by chocolate cake. You love chocolate cake.”
Anti: “If I go, does it mean I get to kill things too?”
Dark: “I don’t see why not. Hurry up and get your knife collection. We have to be there immediately, if we want to attend the midnight blood circle.”
Anti: “Sweet! I get to kill things!” *runs off to get his knives*
(Most dads bring their sons to ball games. Dark takes his boy to a massacre.)

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