“A splash of colour”

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Mark groaned as he came to.

“Ah, look who’s awake,” the stranger said.

Mark looked up at the stranger with a glare. The guy was in all black and had a matching scarf wrapped around the nose and mouth. How cliche.

“Look, I don’t know who you are or what you want,” Mark said. “But… maybe you could consider adding a splash of colour to your clothes?”

The kidnapper stared at him, puzzled.

“I mean, basic black never really goes out of style, but you can’t underestimate the importance of a good accent piece.”

The kidnapper rolled his eyes.

Mark continued calmly, shifting on the chair to get more comfortable, though there was little he could do about his hands being bound behind his back. “It’s all about the presentation, you know. A high-quality three-piece suit carries quite a different message than, well…”– and here he glanced down at his own outfit – “a t-shirt and jeans. One is all business and making an impression, the other is about comfort and practicality.”

Mark bounced a little in his seat, becoming more animated, now that he was warming to the topic. “Just think of the impression you could make in full tactical gear, instead of the bargain-basement shirt and pants you obviously found at Walmart?”

“Why don’t you shut up,” the kidnapper growled, patience clearly wearing thin.

“Look, I understand why you might have decided to kidnap me. You’re broke, you’ve got bills to pay, and you’re tired of the rat race. You’ve got creditors of questionable background chomping at the bit to go after you for what you haven’t been able to pay back. So you’ve decided to roll the dice, cash in all your chips and take the risk. A ransom paid for kidnapping, and then you can abscond with your newfound cash to Mexico.” He smirked. “And with all the chaos going on at the border, you could slip right through unnoticed.”

The kidnapper stared, turning away for a moment, clearly shaken.

“Yeah, you have a type,” Mark said. “And you are so predictable.” He lunged forward, his hands now freed. His long fingers wrapped around the kidnapper’s throat, shoving him up against the nearest wall.

“Mark’s” eyes turned completely black as he added, “But you made a critical error in judgement. You weren’t as quiet and careful in your planning as you thought. Mark is elsewhere, completely safe, and now you have to deal with Me.

He then gave a deep chuckle. “Now you’re going to be a splash of colour.


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