Anti teaser.

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(A brief bit written by me and @southerndragontamer together.)

“Oh, you liked that, d̴i̵d̷ ̴y̷o̸u̸?̶” Anti giggles.

Grace’s lips quirk a bit. “For your information, glitch demon, What I’d like is for a day when you’re not setting us on fire. Or planning to.” She shakes her head fondly. “I swear, you and Dark are gonna kill us before you even show up! We’re so damn twitchy right now.”

Anti cackles gleefully. “Oh, I’m only just getting started, stepmum o’ mine.”

Grace groans into her hands. “I liked having sanity, though. I’m amazed I kept it through freaking OverNightWatch of all things! That was sheer insanity!” She then grins a bit. “Alia is really excited to see you again, you know.”

Then it finally hits what he called her and she blushes a bright crimson, clearly not having expected the endearment.

“Aww, yer gettin’ all blushy! Least yer not an evil stepmum. That would be…” Anti flinches visibly when he hears Dark’s distant telepathic bellow of his name. “Whoops! Gotta run! He knows I wandered from my post.”

“Be safe, Anti, and tell Dark I said hi!” she says as she hugs him gently.

“Not to worry, mum. We’ll all be home in time for Christmas.” He glitches away, giggling.


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