The Perfect Boyfriend: Take Two

Inspired by lisaerin’s sporking of the “Normal Guy vs. Edward Cullen” list, and a “sequel” to blueinkedpalm’s “The Perfect Boyfriend”. Tweaks the original comparison between the normal guy and the needy/clingy creep Edward Cullen, and edited to include some of my favorite male characters. Contains some off-color jokes referencing drinking, violence and sex. Written for…

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Written for Porn Battle 10. Mag realizes that some things can’t be seen with the eyes. Prompt was: “Mag/Nathan, blindfolds.” Mag doesn’t really regret leaving GeneCo. The digital corneas caused her more trouble than they were worth, trapping her in the unhappy life of an indentured servant. She had one moment of bliss after her…

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Dangerous Game

Nellie Lovett reflects on her relationship with the demon barber. The title song is not a Sweeney Todd song, but is taken from the 1994 concept album of the Jekyll & Hyde musical. Story written back in June 2008. Disclaimer: The characters from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street aren’t mine. Neither is…

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