Characters which inspired my version of Darkiplier.

B U F F Y V E R S E Glorificus (aka “Glory”) Species: Hellgod (deity of a Hell dimension) Appearance: young woman with strawberry-blonde hair in haute couture clothing Status: Deceased Personality: Unstable, narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant, violent Powers: near-invulnerability; superhuman strength, speed and hearing; illusory/protective glamour; omniglot; black magic Weaknesses: vulnerable to magic (as wielded by the powerful witch Willow Rosenberg),… Read More

My headcanons for Wilford, the Host and Dr. (I)Plier.

WILFORD WARFSTACHE Originally posted by fischyplier Wilford was basically swept up in the wake of Dark’s resurrection. Will’s fundamentally more human than Dark, but he’s been… affected by Dark’s presence in that house. If you’ve read my fic “The Manor Borne,” you know what happens in the Darkness verse. But, long story short, Dark feels… Read More

Mark vs. Dark

Mark is goofy and makes fun of himself, often before anyone else can. Dark takes Himself way too seriously and doesn’t appreciate being “mocked”. Mark is sweet and charming. Dark is seductive and mysterious. Mark loves his family, friends and fans. Dark is hell-bent on gaining everyone’s complete devotion. Forever. Mark is a confident boy who sometimes… Read More