Anti teaser.

(A brief bit written by me and @southerndragontamer together.)

“Oh, you liked that, d̴i̵d̷ ̴y̷o̸u̸?̶” Anti giggles.

Grace’s lips quirk a bit. “For your information, glitch demon, What I’d like is for a day when you’re not setting us on fire. Or planning to.” She shakes her head fondly. “I swear, you and Dark are gonna kill us before you even show up! We’re so damn twitchy right now.”

Anti cackles gleefully. “Oh, I’m only just getting started, stepmum o’ mine.”

Grace groans into her hands. “I liked having sanity, though. I’m amazed I kept it through freaking OverNightWatch of all things! That was sheer insanity!” She then grins a bit. “Alia is really excited to see you again, you know.”

Then it finally hits what he called her and she blushes a bright crimson, clearly not having expected the endearment.

“Aww, yer gettin’ all blushy! Least yer not an evil stepmum. That would be…” Anti flinches visibly when he hears Dark’s distant telepathic bellow of his name. “Whoops! Gotta run! He knows I wandered from my post.”

“Be safe, Anti, and tell Dark I said hi!” she says as she hugs him gently.

“Not to worry, mum. We’ll all be home in time for Christmas.” He glitches away, giggling.



(Based on the headcanon post I made earlier. I thought it was long past time to get some father/son quality time in… and an origin story, of sorts. Enjoy!)


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The young man blindly swung his fist at the drywall. His head pounded with rage, a heart full of sorrow, tears streaking down his face. He felt something inside him rip apart then come back together in an instant, and he was suddenly standing over five metres away from the wall. There was a fist-sized hole in it now, and he felt jittery in addition to the pent-up rage.

Is this what it was going to bloody be like?! he couldn’t help but wonder. It feels so unreal, so… strange. Almost like he wasn’t real, but some phantasmic accident spat out by reality.

Like a glitch in the bloody Matrix.

He was trembling, trying to hold himself together now. There was supposed to be someone here, wasn’t there? Someone who knew him, someone to help him now.

But he was alone. Just like always.

He had a few very dim human memories – had he really been human? – but they seemed so distant, impersonal. A life lived by someone else. He saw faces – Brothers? Friends? – but none of it meant anything anymore.

He didn’t even really know where the anger came from, except that he was alone and he knew someone should be here. Someone like him… but stronger? His maker?

F̶̪́̓̕u̸͎͇̬̮̚c̷̻̻̜̓̂͝k̵̗̪̈́̂͝!̶̪̀͒“ The expletive was out before he could stop it, with far more force than he’d imagined a simple swear could produce. His voice echoed in the empty warehouse, but seemed fuzzy, somehow. A dying lightbulb down the hall popped, as if a second late for its cue.

Another glitch in the Matrix of reality.

Then he felt it. Something seeming to glide near. A thing made of pure power, a dark energy that he could not even begin to fathom drawing ever closer. Something that was not like him, he knew. And he was afraid.

But he was fascinated as well. This thing was not human and – if it didn’t want to eat creatures smaller than itself – maybe it could help him?

More by instinct than plan, he crept along the halls of the decrepit building until he found an exit into the empty road beyond it. His voice trembled slightly, as he spoke, “Uh… hello?”

The wind played in his hair, and he heard a voice – not in his ears, but directly in his mind. It was a deep sound, a rumble that he thought the voice of God might sound like. Well, hello there, little one. Where have you been hiding?

He swallowed. “I… um, I don’t know. I just… woke up.”

And where is your Master?

He looked around, trying to find the source of the voice, but saw nothing. He seemed alone in this abandoned stretch of town. “…Master? I don’t know what… I… I’m alone. There’s nobody here. Nobody but me.”

He sensed the anger in the outflow of this being’s energy, but somehow knew that it wasn’t meant for him. A babe in the woods you are. Pity. And he felt sympathy flowing from this powerful, God-like being. I too am alone. Perhaps, we were meant to find one another.

“Find?” The boy spluttered. “I can’t even see You! Where… where are You?”

Do you wish to see Me?

He felt himself all but breaking apart in a mixture of emotions: an intoxicating cocktail of adrenaline, excitement, joy and fear flooding through him. “Y̸͎̎ȅ̸̡̫̾̇s̴̳̥̫̅!̵̡̤̼̊̄͠͝”

Then close your eyes. They will only deceive you. Follow the vibrations between us, feel how they become stronger… and you will find Me there.

The young man wanted to run – not away from, but directly to this terrifying, impressive, enigmatic entity. But instead he took cautious, faltering steps, not knowing what lay before him.

“Use the Force, huh?” he joked. He felt more than heard the answering rumble of amusement. His steps remained small and uncertain, though he could feel his heart ready to burst at the seams to join this… whoever or whatever it was.

It felt like eternity had stretched out before him, as he let this supernatural sense lead him ahead. But, soon enough, he felt himself near the epicenter of this power, its source directly before him.

Hesitantly, he opened his eyes and saw what seemed like a normal man, in an admittedly fine three-piece suit, seated on a bench at an otherwise empty bus-stop. Your eyes will bloody deceive you, indeed, the young man thought to himself.

The individual before him was attractive and, perhaps, even impressive by normal human standards. But, if he hadn’t known for sure from the power emanating from this being, he wouldn’t have thought of him as anything more than a businessman waiting for his ride home.


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The young man found himself swallowing hard, at a loss for words. “So, uh… Hi?”

The other man chuckled. “Hello, once again.” There was no mistaking the power in His voice, a voice that demanded respect and implied ancient wisdom he couldn’t even begin to fathom. “What is your name, My dear boy?

“I… um…” He all but choked on his words, as he realised he couldn’t remember his name. His old life, whatever it had been, was gone along with his name. “I… uh, don’t remember.”

The smile on his new – or rather very old – companion’s face was sympathetic and entreating. “Names have power. Perhaps you would like a new one, to suit who you are now… or who you wish to be.

The young man’s mind rapidly flipped through words and names he knew with a shocking ease that he wouldn’t understand why until later. Though his tongue fought to catch up, with nothing more than a series of awkward stutters. “Uh, Ah… Hmmm…”

What do I wish to be? Everything that’s not what brought me to that place, he realized. I was weak, and small, and scared. I don’t want to be that way again. Never again. I want to be the opposite of everything I might have been, once. The opposite.. the negative. The… antithesis. Yes! That’s it!

“Anti,” the boy blurted out suddenly. He drew himself up, puffed up his chest a little and declared proudly, “My name is Anti!”

The man chuckled and actually applauded him. “Well done, lad. A fine name for a fine young man like yourself.

Though he preened under the praise that this powerful being gave him, he found himself still hesistant. “And, umm… what do I call You? I mean, do You have a name?”

I have chosen and discarded names time and again, for one reason or another. But no words in any language can truly sum up who and what I am.” The mysterious stranger’s deep, coal-black eyes locked onto that of the newly-christened Anti. “I am the empty void between every star in the sky, the howl of the wolves that set your teeth on edge, the scent of jasmine on a balmy spring evening. I am the panting of lovers as they lay entwined, and the weeping of the infant in the middle of the night. I am the embodiment of the deepest darkness, both with-out and within the soul. I am all of this and more. And I am far older and more powerful than you can even begin to imagine.

Anti’s eyebrows shot up at that soliloquy. “I guess that makes You the boss o’ me,” he replied with an ironic laugh.

Only if that is what you wish,” the entity replied. He stood, and Anti suddenly realized how, even in this unassuming human-suit, how much taller He seemed in comparison. “I will not force you. But I can promise you this: if you come with Me, then you will never be alone again.

Anti looked down and saw the being had offered His hand, palm up in entreaty. The young man slipped his hand into His, surprised by the paradoxical sensation of coolth and warmth at the same time.

“All righty then, Boss. Let’s get the f̴͔̳͚͍͑͐̀ụ̷̮̬̘͂̏c̸̡̨̰̪͐k̴̩̺̀͒̆̇ outta here!”

An agreeable laugh issued from the God. “Too right. I detest a city with no culture.

Characters which inspired my version of Darkiplier.


Glorificus (aka “Glory”)
Species: Hellgod (deity of a Hell dimension)
Appearance: young woman with strawberry-blonde hair in haute couture clothing
Status: Deceased
Personality: Unstable, narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant, violent
Powers: near-invulnerability; superhuman strength, speed and hearing; illusory/protective glamour; omniglot; black magic
Weaknesses: vulnerable to magic (as wielded by the powerful witch Willow Rosenberg), divine weaponry, mental instability requiring her to feed on others’ sanity/minds, can be wounded/killed when her human host takes control of her vessel
Species: Higher Being (formerly one of the Powers That Be, gone renegade)
Appearance: woman with dark complexion and simple, but elegant clothing
Status: Deceased
Personality: deceptively sweet and kind, manipulative, easily angered, delights in torture and violence
Powers: instantaneous mind control, ability to create a hivemind from those under her control, superhuman strength, healing/necrotic touch, omniglot, black magic, ESP
Weaknesses: her True Name, exposure to her blood breaks her mind control for an individual under her thrall, she requires a steady diet of humans to maintain her strength
Species: Old One (pure, pre-humanity demon that ruled the prehistoric world)
Appearance: humanoid female with blue skin/hair (a corrupted form of her host’s body, Winifred Burkle)
Status: Extant
Personality: aloof, cold, arrogant, violent, though willing to work with those she feels is a benefit to her
Powers: superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance; heightened awareness and empathy; time manipulation; interdimensional travel; some shapeshifting ability; energy blast; experienced in combat and battle tactics
Weaknesses: diminished in human form and after being drained by the Mutari generator, which results in her no longer being able to manipulate time or travel through dimensions

Richard Wilkins (aka the Mayor)

Species: Human (formerly, later Ascended to become pure demon)
Appearance: middle-aged man in a suit and tie
Status: Deceased
Personality: friendly and cordial, well-mannered with an aversion to swearing, intelligent, loyal and paternal, casually cruel to Buffy and her friends
Powers: near-invulnerability and immortality (when in human form), black magic, protected by multiple vampires and loyalists (including and especially Faith, the rogue slayer)
Weaknesses: explosive materials (when in demon form), his father/daughter relationship with Faith


Crowley (aka the King of Hell/King of the Crossroads)
Species: Demon
Appearance: middle-aged businessman in a suit, tie and long coat
Status: Deceased (as of Season 13)
Personality: manipulative, clever, suave, snarky, narcissistic, charismatic, alluring, holds grudges, volatile underneath his apparent charm
Powers: enhanced perceptions, superhuman strength and stamina, demonic possession, teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and thermokinesis, invisibility, mimicry, black magic, biokinesis (to torture his victims without touching them), immunity to hallowed ground and some religious iconography, regeneration, mental manipulation (including wiping memories and causing spontaneous unconsciousness), animal communication
Weaknesses: Devil’s traps, holy water, divine weapons, Angels, higher-level Demons, hex bags, exorcism, burning his human remains
Lucifer (aka the Devil)
Species: Archangel
Appearance: middle-aged male in casual clothing (though he has taken possession of other human forms)
Status: Deceased (as of Season 13)
Personality: temperamental, manipulative, arrogant, smug, cocky, prone to rage, violent, holds grudges, rebellious, extremely volatile, petulant
Powers: nigh-omniscience, nigh-invulnerability, instantaneous regeneration & healing factor, angelic possession, teleportation, ESP, time travel, conversion of humans into demons, exorcism, energy blasts, can cause earthquakes, pyrokinesis and thermokinesis, weather manipulation, electromagnetic interference, flight, biokinesis and molecular combustion, power negation (for less powerful beings), reality warping, precognition, shapeshifting, necromancy, sonic scream, smiting, soul extraction and consumption, spellcasting, superhuman strength and speed, invisibility, telekinesis, telepathy (including dreamwalking), mimicry, experienced in hand-to-hand combat, torture expert
Weaknesses: divine weapons, enochian sigils, can be contained in the Cage (specially built by God to contain him), holy fire, high-level magic, being in a weak vessel limits his powers, some religious iconography, removal of his angelic grace, more powerful beings can potentially contain or destroy him, Hyperbolic Pulse Generator
Amara (aka the Darkness)
Species: Primordial Entity (God/Light’s sister)
Appearance: a pale woman with long dark hair in a simple black dress
Status: Extant
Personality: narcissistic, impatient, easily upset, well-meaning, willing to learn from her mistakes, fears being alone, infatuated with Dean Winchester (as he was the one who released her), was happy when she finally reconciled with her brother
Powers: omnipotence, omnipresence, invulnerability, reality warping, necromancy, spell deflection, extreme empathy, instantaneous healing, has a corrupting effect on those she touches/comes in contact with, soul/grace extraction and consumption, superhuman strength and endurance, umbrakinesis, weather manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, invisibility, all existence would end if she were killed
Weaknesses: the combined force of multiple powerful beings, the Mark of Cain, Soul Bomb (combining a multitude of souls, though untested and never proven), God/Light can potentially kill her
Species: Horseman/Primordial Entity
Appearance: a tall, thin older man with a sallow complexion in a dark suit and long coat
Status: Unknown (his vessel was destroyed, but you can’t actually kill Death)
Personality: cold, aloof and distant; seems not to care about humanity as a whole, but has aided the Winchesters multiple times; is the only being Dean & Sam are genuinely afraid of/intimidated by; thinks of Lucifer as “a bratty child having a tantrum”
Powers: omnipotence, omnipresence, necromancy, necrotic touch, weather manipulation, teleportation, invisibility, superhuman perception, terrakinesis, thermokinesis, telepathy (including memory suppression)
Weaknesses: Can be bound with a high-level magic spell, God/Light and Amara/the Darkness can potentially harm his True Form, his Scythe can destroy his human vessel

F O R E V E R   K N I G H T

Lucien LaCroix (formerly General Lucius of Pompeii)
Species: Vampire
Appearance: older male with buzzcut white-blonde hair and pale skin in a dark suit
Status: Extant
Personality: manipulative, seductive, cruel, intelligent, obsessive (in regards to his vampire offspring), controlling, egotistical, narcissistic, cold, holds grudges, indifferent to (and sometimes actively derisive of) humans, delights in physically/mentally torturing others, soft-spoken (unless angered)
Powers: superhuman strength and speed, enchanced hearing and vision, flight, hypnotism/mind control, near-invulnerability, extended longterm memory, multi-lingual, regeneration, empathic connection to those of his bloodline, physically imposing
Weaknesses: religious iconography, sunlight, must subsist on human blood to maintain his strength and power, his vampire sire Divia

It probably goes without saying that these are the TV villains I enjoy most. Of course, I absolutely love them all, and Crowley is my all-time fave. And, interestingly, of all the beings on the list? LaCroix’s the least powerful… but he’s also the most seductive and manipulative.

But, now that I’ve revealed my inspirations, you probably won’t be able to unsee it the next time you read my fic about Him…


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The Offices of Ego Inc.

Thanks to the wonderful audio provided by @ego-incorporated and stories written by @reverseblackholeofwords, I was inspired to create a moodboard based on my own headcanons of the Ego Inc. office building. It’s a full-functioning business establishment with a spacious reception area, a comfortable cafeteria and, of course, a cozy and well-lit boardroom.

The main work area is an open floor plan sans cubicles, though there are special rooms such as the Host’s recording studio, the Drs. Iplier and Schneeplestein’s infirmary, and Will and Dark’s private offices. And, naturally, there is the “employees only” area… though you definitely don’t want to know what’s behind those closed doors.

Angel Unaware

From @southerndragontamer (here):

Oh I’d LOVE to see Chica protecting Mark from Dark who’s glaring and growling/snarling but backing away from this sweethearted dog XD 

[snip] would you mind when you have time and want to Miss Melissa? 

Yup! And I finally got around to it, after ages of fighting off writer’s block and depression, and just generally having no time and space for the peace and quiet I need to write a thing. So, here it is! Enjoy!


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Brown eyes stared at black ones.

There was a snarl and a flash of sharp, white teeth.

Dark was growling as He glared at the sweet-faced dog before Him. How could Mark not know the creature was no mere canine?

There was a voice, downy like feathers but also unequivocally powerful, and distinctly feminine. It was not a voice heard with human ears, but was there nonetheless. You leave him alone, demon! she snapped. He is not yours anymore!

We had a deal,” Dark sneered. “He owes Me a debt that must be paid.

Well, your deal’s off. As long as I’m here, you have no business with him!

We shall see, mutt. We shall see.

She growled back at Him and, with a vision that no human eyes possessed, there was the sight of her wings splaying forth from her tawny back in a grand visage of heavenly might that belied the simple form.

This is merely the form I’ve chosen, demon, she countered. He is under my protection and you. Shall not. Have. Him!

She lunged, teeth bared, and He vanished. Good riddance.

A sing-song baritone issued from the front door. “Chicaaaa! Chica Bica! Daddy’s home!”

She grinned, relieved that he hadn’t been here to see the conflict, and bounded forward on four padded feet to greet her ward.

Mark was all smiles when he saw her, and energetically rubbed his hands along her furry neck and back in enthusiastic scritches. “Chica! Who’s my good girl?”

She smiled and bumped her head against his shoulder as he played with her long ears. Hopefully, he’ll never need to know.