Characters which inspired my version of Darkiplier.

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Glorificus (aka “Glory”)
Species: Hellgod (deity of a Hell dimension)
Appearance: young woman with strawberry-blonde hair in haute couture clothing
Status: Deceased
Personality: Unstable, narcissistic, egotistical, arrogant, violent
Powers: near-invulnerability; superhuman strength, speed and hearing; illusory/protective glamour; omniglot; black magic
Weaknesses: vulnerable to magic (as wielded by the powerful witch Willow Rosenberg), divine weaponry, mental instability requiring her to feed on others’ sanity/minds, can be wounded/killed when her human host takes control of her vessel
Species: Higher Being (formerly one of the Powers That Be, gone renegade)
Appearance: woman with dark complexion and simple, but elegant clothing
Status: Deceased
Personality: deceptively sweet and kind, manipulative, easily angered, delights in torture and violence
Powers: instantaneous mind control, ability to create a hivemind from those under her control, superhuman strength, healing/necrotic touch, omniglot, black magic, ESP
Weaknesses: her True Name, exposure to her blood breaks her mind control for an individual under her thrall, she requires a steady diet of humans to maintain her strength
Species: Old One (pure, pre-humanity demon that ruled the prehistoric world)
Appearance: humanoid female with blue skin/hair (a corrupted form of her host’s body, Winifred Burkle)
Status: Extant
Personality: aloof, cold, arrogant, violent, though willing to work with those she feels is a benefit to her
Powers: superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance; heightened awareness and empathy; time manipulation; interdimensional travel; some shapeshifting ability; energy blast; experienced in combat and battle tactics
Weaknesses: diminished in human form and after being drained by the Mutari generator, which results in her no longer being able to manipulate time or travel through dimensions

Richard Wilkins (aka the Mayor)

Species: Human (formerly, later Ascended to become pure demon)
Appearance: middle-aged man in a suit and tie
Status: Deceased
Personality: friendly and cordial, well-mannered with an aversion to swearing, intelligent, loyal and paternal, casually cruel to Buffy and her friends
Powers: near-invulnerability and immortality (when in human form), black magic, protected by multiple vampires and loyalists (including and especially Faith, the rogue slayer)
Weaknesses: explosive materials (when in demon form), his father/daughter relationship with Faith


Crowley (aka the King of Hell/King of the Crossroads)
Species: Demon
Appearance: middle-aged businessman in a suit, tie and long coat
Status: Deceased (as of Season 13)
Personality: manipulative, clever, suave, snarky, narcissistic, charismatic, alluring, holds grudges, volatile underneath his apparent charm
Powers: enhanced perceptions, superhuman strength and stamina, demonic possession, teleportation, telekinesis, pyrokinesis and thermokinesis, invisibility, mimicry, black magic, biokinesis (to torture his victims without touching them), immunity to hallowed ground and some religious iconography, regeneration, mental manipulation (including wiping memories and causing spontaneous unconsciousness), animal communication
Weaknesses: Devil’s traps, holy water, divine weapons, Angels, higher-level Demons, hex bags, exorcism, burning his human remains
Lucifer (aka the Devil)
Species: Archangel
Appearance: middle-aged male in casual clothing (though he has taken possession of other human forms)
Status: Deceased (as of Season 13)
Personality: temperamental, manipulative, arrogant, smug, cocky, prone to rage, violent, holds grudges, rebellious, extremely volatile, petulant
Powers: nigh-omniscience, nigh-invulnerability, instantaneous regeneration & healing factor, angelic possession, teleportation, ESP, time travel, conversion of humans into demons, exorcism, energy blasts, can cause earthquakes, pyrokinesis and thermokinesis, weather manipulation, electromagnetic interference, flight, biokinesis and molecular combustion, power negation (for less powerful beings), reality warping, precognition, shapeshifting, necromancy, sonic scream, smiting, soul extraction and consumption, spellcasting, superhuman strength and speed, invisibility, telekinesis, telepathy (including dreamwalking), mimicry, experienced in hand-to-hand combat, torture expert
Weaknesses: divine weapons, enochian sigils, can be contained in the Cage (specially built by God to contain him), holy fire, high-level magic, being in a weak vessel limits his powers, some religious iconography, removal of his angelic grace, more powerful beings can potentially contain or destroy him, Hyperbolic Pulse Generator
Amara (aka the Darkness)
Species: Primordial Entity (God/Light’s sister)
Appearance: a pale woman with long dark hair in a simple black dress
Status: Extant
Personality: narcissistic, impatient, easily upset, well-meaning, willing to learn from her mistakes, fears being alone, infatuated with Dean Winchester (as he was the one who released her), was happy when she finally reconciled with her brother
Powers: omnipotence, omnipresence, invulnerability, reality warping, necromancy, spell deflection, extreme empathy, instantaneous healing, has a corrupting effect on those she touches/comes in contact with, soul/grace extraction and consumption, superhuman strength and endurance, umbrakinesis, weather manipulation, telekinesis, teleportation, invisibility, all existence would end if she were killed
Weaknesses: the combined force of multiple powerful beings, the Mark of Cain, Soul Bomb (combining a multitude of souls, though untested and never proven), God/Light can potentially kill her
Species: Horseman/Primordial Entity
Appearance: a tall, thin older man with a sallow complexion in a dark suit and long coat
Status: Unknown (his vessel was destroyed, but you can’t actually kill Death)
Personality: cold, aloof and distant; seems not to care about humanity as a whole, but has aided the Winchesters multiple times; is the only being Dean & Sam are genuinely afraid of/intimidated by; thinks of Lucifer as “a bratty child having a tantrum”
Powers: omnipotence, omnipresence, necromancy, necrotic touch, weather manipulation, teleportation, invisibility, superhuman perception, terrakinesis, thermokinesis, telepathy (including memory suppression)
Weaknesses: Can be bound with a high-level magic spell, God/Light and Amara/the Darkness can potentially harm his True Form, his Scythe can destroy his human vessel

F O R E V E R   K N I G H T

Lucien LaCroix (formerly General Lucius of Pompeii)
Species: Vampire
Appearance: older male with buzzcut white-blonde hair and pale skin in a dark suit
Status: Extant
Personality: manipulative, seductive, cruel, intelligent, obsessive (in regards to his vampire offspring), controlling, egotistical, narcissistic, cold, holds grudges, indifferent to (and sometimes actively derisive of) humans, delights in physically/mentally torturing others, soft-spoken (unless angered)
Powers: superhuman strength and speed, enchanced hearing and vision, flight, hypnotism/mind control, near-invulnerability, extended longterm memory, multi-lingual, regeneration, empathic connection to those of his bloodline, physically imposing
Weaknesses: religious iconography, sunlight, must subsist on human blood to maintain his strength and power, his vampire sire Divia

It probably goes without saying that these are the TV villains I enjoy most. Of course, I absolutely love them all, and Crowley is my all-time fave. And, interestingly, of all the beings on the list? LaCroix’s the least powerful… but he’s also the most seductive and manipulative.

But, now that I’ve revealed my inspirations, you probably won’t be able to unsee it the next time you read my fic about Him…


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