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Anonymous asked me: “Heyyy if requests are open dya think you could write some classic Darkiplier manipulating someone with depression or smthn into thinking he can give their life purpose or make things better? When I joined this fandom, that was all the Fanfiction that existed and I’m feeling nostalgic :3”

Bless you, nonny, for waiting for who-knows-how-long! Have a little drabble!


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Dark gazes down at you, deep near-black eyes fathomless as an abyss. Your tears subside, and you look up at him. You don’t know how he got there, but you don’t really care. There’s something strangely comforting about the ring of His aura, as it drowns out the noise in your head.

I know you are in pain. Let me help you.” He offers you His hand. “You have a purpose in this life, My young friend. You feel as you do because you have not reached it.

But fear not. I can help you. If you let Me, you will never hurt again.” He smiles entreatingly. “You just have to let Me in. It’s as simple as that.

You take the hand offered to you, and you stand up. Looking into His piercing gaze that seems to swallow you whole, you resolve to yourself that whatever He’s offering has to be better than this.

You say the one little word He’s waiting to hear. “Yes.”

His smile widens, and there’s glint of something ominous. Something predatory. “Just close your eyes.


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