Dark is a Senior Partner at Wolfram & Hart

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Prompt from dateamonster: “date a monster who is a high powered business executive (they’d never hurt their loyal employees; no, they’re like family to them! the competition however…)”

My new-ish Darkiplier headcanon (of the crossover variety) is that Dark’s currently one of the Senior Partners running the evil multi-dimensional law firm of Wolfram & Hart.

The Senior Partners themselves are PTB-level evil entities that are on another plane of existence, and issue most of their orders through the high-ranking demon cabal the Circle of the Black Thorn. One employee of W&H, however, actually got to speak directly to one of the Partners: the young lawyer Lilah Morgan gained an audience with a Mr. Suvarta (he wasn’t seen, only mentioned) and he gave her the okay to take over Linwood Morrow’s position as head of Special Projects.

To clarify: Mr. Suvarta, a Senior Partner, okayed Lilah’s assassination of Linwood, so that she could take over Special Projects….. projects like making the hero Angel’s life a living hell.

When Team Angel killed off the Black Thorn, the Senior Partners sent the entirety of Los Angeles into a hell dimension (in the Joss-approved comics Angel: After the Fall).

Darkiplier would totally fit in as a Senior Partner of Wolfram & Hart. He’s got the whole “corrupt CEO” vibe down pat, with His preference for three-piece suits and manipulating everyone around Him. Plus, He’s definitely an unquestionably evil demonic entity. AND He can drag His victims down into a hell dimension, Himself.

The prompt above just made me want to share some more fanon-y goodness with you guys.


Linwood Morrow of Wolfram & Hart:


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