Dark on New Year’s 2019

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HCrystal02 asked: “How does Dark celebrate the new year?”

In His study, nursing a glass of bourbon on ice, while reading an old tome. But things are a little different this time, for the beginning of 2019. He’s not alone this year. Not really.

This time, He has His phone on the table beside Him. Just prior to the stroke of midnight, He picks up His phone and sends His beloved Grace a text.

I hope you are enjoying the festivities, dearest. Happy New Year.

Meanwhile, the demon siblings Meg and Anti are downstairs roughhousing with Choco.

“Happy New Year, glitch bitch,” the female demon playfully taunts over Choco’s happy borfs.

“Shaddup, Meg.” Despite the growl in his tone, Anti’s smile is affectionate. “But auld lang syne and all that guff, sis.”


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