Dark the Atoner?

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I recognised that incorrect quote as originating from the Buffy spin-off Angel… Which somehow made it even funnier.

The idea of Dark being a hero like Angel isn’t so farfetched, when you go by character type. They both wear nice clothes, are very good looking, have supernatural demonically-based powers, go by a one-word name, did terrible things they’re not actually happy about, had their choices taken from them when they became monsters, were influenced by supernaturally-powerful women (Damien was more of a sibling to Celine, and Angel was sired by Darla) and they both brood a lot (the giveaway of that last one is how rarely either of them smile).

Holy shit. Dark’s one “I severely fucked up and need to set things right” epiphany away from basically BEING Angel.

And Angel’s got an evil alter ego in his head too (Angelus, anyone?).

Damien is a good boy. Celine’s the manipulative asshat. If Damien takes control (if we go by the whole two-souls-plus-a-demon-maybe-all-in-one-body theory) Damien will be atoning for what Celine/the demon did while SHE had more control.

In other words: Hey there, Angel! Haven’t seen you in forever!

And holy shit, I did not realize I was gonna ramble that much. Yay for random theorizing!

Also, I thought I’d mention that Angel didn’t have an epiphany in the beginning. He didn’t wake up one evening and say, “Killing is actually bad and I should probably cut that shit out.”

Oh no.

Angelus murdered a gypsy girl, and the grieving family laid a CURSE on him.

They cursed him to have a human soul, and to never experience true happiness. They forced back into him the soul he lost when he died and was reborn as a vampire.

The resulting combination of the blood-drinking demon who took over his body and hijacked his memories, his soul from when he was still a shiftless hard-drinking party-boy named Liam, and the conditions of the curse that make him feel all the guilt of everything he’s ever done as Angelus and unable to experience true happiness  – THAT is Angel.

Small wonder he’s so unhappy. But it does still sound very familiar…


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