Dark with a dragon S/O

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HellGod dark with a dragon S/O .just having a happy day

Asked by blueyeswhitedragon16
  • The first moment of happiness you experience with Him, would be His acceptance of your dragon form. He’s seen a lot in His time, so it’s more of a pleasant surprise to Him than something to worry about.
  • He thinks your dragon form is beautiful, and comments favourably on the colouration and texture of your scales.
  • Your not being entirely human means He’s also comfortable being with you in His True Form without fearing for your sanity at the sight. And His being so much larger than you in that Form, while you are in your draconic form, makes you feel safe and protected.
  • In your respective dragon form and True Form, you’re able to fly together. His wings are bent and somewhat damaged, but are still flight-ready. And you prompt a race between the two of you.
  • Because He’s bigger, He’s also heavier, and the increased wind resistance slows Him down a little, enabling you to win.
  • You find a quiet cavern to curl up together and rest after your race. He wraps Himself around you as you nuzzle into Him, the both of you feeling no immediate rush to return to human form.

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