Dark with a long-haired S/O

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Anonymous asked: “For someone with long hair, I can see Dark casually combing out your hair if it is too unruly for his taste, and he knows that this calms you immensely.”

Dark is very touchy-feely, but only with those He’s closest to and trusts completely (which is, sadly, a very small list).

He loves running His fingers through hair, fascinated by the different textures human hair can possess. He also is aware that physical touch aids with bonding among humans and, in a very non-verbal way, uses touch to express His affection for you and the knowledge that you can trust Him to take care of you.

He’s also always the dad/caretaker at heart, so He won’t hesitate to take a comb or brush to your hair if it’s especially unruly, or you’re lacking in the energy to do it yourself. He’ll gently undo any knots or tangles, brushing until your hair is smooth and silky.


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