Dark’s canonical powers.

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  • Temporal looping – Creating closed time loops to alter the outcome of an event to one’s preferences (seen in the “Exit” choice for A Date With Markiplier).
  • Teleportation – The ability to have objects and/or people spontaneously disappear from one location and reappear in another (seen in “Freedom!”)
  • Mimicry – Appearing and acting as another person in order to deceive (seen in ”Left” and “Chocolate”)
  • Essokinesis – The ability to alter reality to something very different from what is commonly accepted as real (seen throughout His appearances, in the form of all colour washing out of the scene and the shadows deepening)
  • Interdimensional travel – The ability to move from one reality to another, either by oneself or with others (His appearance in “Horror” involved dragging us down to a pocket dimension where He could isolate us)
  • Vocal augmentation – The ability to alter one’s voice, becoming louder and/or deeper without the need for artificial amplification (seen throughout, and likely used as an intimidation tactic)
  • Clairvoyance – The ability to see things beyond the normal range of one’s observation and without artificial means, such as perceiving a distant location or another time period through the power of one’s mind alone (His appearances imply He can see what people will do before they act, enabling Him to react preemptively)
  • Demonic possession – Having one’s body and mind taken over by a malicious entity (strongly implied as happening to Mark in Don’t Play This Game)

With the exception of the last one, these are not your standard demon powers. Additionally, several of them are powers that require a great deal of skill and strength to use effectively.

This is why I believe He’s a Hellgod… because He’s such a powerful entity, and a very dangerous one, at that. Don’t make the mistake of continuing to underestimate Him.

Stay vigilant.


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