Dootiplier and his little dragon friend

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For a request doot and a tiny dragon being fluffy

Asked by blueyeswhitedragon16
  • Doot is a very smol spider-boy, and you’re a smol, fluffy Chinese dragon. You’ve got the feathery, furry bits and everything, just like your (much) larger cousins!
  • Doot plays his music for you and you curl and uncurl your body in a strange little cobra-like “dance” to his songs. You love music, and he plays so well!
  • You don’t “talk” in the way that those much-bigger Egos do, but you and Doot manage to communicate with each other just fine. You know the meaning behind his every iteration of “I am Doot!” and he has no problem understanding your little growls, huffs and various noises.
  • You like to hang out together on the rafters of the boardroom, just out of sight, listening in on the Ego meetings.
  • Dark seems to like you. You’re not entirely sure why, but you can’t complain as He often feeds you tasty treats of dead crickets and live mice. Yum!
  • You didn’t like how He barely tolerated Doot though, and you tore up and singed one of His favourite blazers to let Him know how it ticked you off.
  • He’s been a little nicer to Doot since then, and now He brings enough treats for you and Doot to share.
  • Doot, being essentially a large spider with humanoid features, likes eating the crickets and mice too. He stows the extra away in the silk he weaves, in case he gets hungry again later. And you don’t mind giving him what your little dragon self can’t finish.

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