Dr. Iplier with a sick S/O

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AwesomeA353 asked: “Another random headcanon I just thought of because I was reading your elaboration on my last one with Dr. Iplier, (And are absolutely LIVING for it at the moment). Iplier can totally tell if you are hiding something from him. He’s seen so many Paitents lie and say they are fine when their eyes tell something different. If it’s just bad cramps or you are seriously bleeding, he knows it and does everything in his power to help you. Bonus if the S/O only trusts him as a doctor.”

Dr. Iplier is very attentive to your needs so, when you try to play off any sickness or injury, it doesn’t fly with him. At all. He’ll give you The Look and tell you that he knows you’re not being 100% truthful. Then you’ll cave and tell him what’s really wrong.

When you’re not feeling well, he’s the best caretaker you could ever ask for. He makes sure you are properly hydrated, and get enough protein and Vitamin C to fight off your cold. He’ll make sure you won’t run out of tissues, and will see you get the right amount of cough medicine and plenty of rest.

Anybody who tries to disturb your sleep when you’re ill will feel his wrath, and he’ll be on the phone to your bosses/teachers, so you don’t have to strain your voice by calling out sick.

He uses a mixture of over-the-counter and traditional home remedies to tend to you. Expect plenty of chicken soup delivered on a food tray to you laying in bed.


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(Also, I’m sick myself today, so I would love to have Dr. Iplier take care of me.)


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