Google and Puppies!

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Could i please do a fluff request with google? Like hes been searching through your browser history and notices you've been looking at pictures of puppies. A LOT. so one day you come home from work to find your entire house filled with puppies of all breeds. And google is just standing off to the side all smug. Sorry, I've been reading a bunch of fluff fic lately

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(OMG, Google fluff. With puppies! You have no idea how much I’m loving this right now! So here’s a drabble for ya! Enjoy!)


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There’s a cacophony of high-pitched yapping and whimpers as you enter your home, and see the floor covered in wriggling, furry bodies.

“Uh, Google? What… what’s the meaning of this?”

“My calculations have determined that your happiness levels increase by 9.7% when viewing images of puppies. After collating and calculating your personal preferences on types of puppies you prefer and number, I have determined this as the best possible amount to permanently stabilize your emotional state.”

“Google, honey, when I said I loved 101 Dalmatians, I meant the movie.”


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