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Which ego reminds you of a dragon

Asked by blueyeswhitedragon16
It depends on what kind of dragon we’re talking. Are we talking about a terrifying and destructive beast like Smaug, or a helpful and friendly sort like Draco (from Dragonheart)?

Originally posted by model-monroenixx

For the nasty types, I’d say Dark and Anti both fit the bill.

I could see Dark in dragon form having black scales (that appear to have a silvery sheen in certain kinds of light) and glowing red eyes. His “voice” would be heard telepathically, as a deep growly rumble. His draconic power would be the classic breathing fire, and he’d be big enough that landing on the ground would cause a minor earthquake. But he wouldn’t be interested in humans, unless one tried to enter his cave… then all hell would break loose.

Anti would be a deep forest green (of course) and blue, and he would spew acid instead of fire. He’d be quite a bit smaller than Dark, but more of a problem. He’d terrorize the local villages, ripping off thatch roofs with his sharp claws, eating their livestock and chasing the people on horseback just to entertain himself.

For the more helpful kind, Dr. Iplier would make a good protector. His special power would be in the healing properties of his blood, and he generally wouldn’t be seen much until the folks he’d taken under his wings have need of him. Then he’d fight tooth and nail to protect “his” humans. In return and out of gratitude for his vigilance, they likewise protect him from being hunted for his healing ability by greedier sorts.

Marvin would also make a great good-aligned dragon. He, like Dr. Iplier, would protect humans. He’d able to produce illusions, as a kind of shield against any outsiders. The village he’s chosen to protect would not be visible unless you were practically on top of it, or it would appear to “move” in different parts of the valley, confusing any potential attackers.


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