How to Make a Darkiplier

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(Image by @proseccoandprose)


Have an innocent bean of an Ego available. The more pure he is, the more tragic his fall from grace.

Have a demonic abomination on hand. This will be extra-handy in causing confusion in the minds of your viewers.

Add one passionate fortuneteller, whose motives are unclear and makes nearly every male at the table desire her (except for the gay guy and her brother, of course).

Let the bloodbath begin! Use this as a distraction to further perplex the viewers from what’s going on behind the scenes. Kill ‘em all; show no mercy.

Separate the seer and innocent bean into a dark void of solitude. Let them boil in the juices of their hate and anguish for a few hours, on a low but endless heat.

Offer the viewer a way of returning the innocent bean to life. Watch them flail as their formerly good-bean betrays them, because there’s nothing good left in him.

Sit back with popcorn and watch as your fandom is set on fire.


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