“I hate my body…”

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I really hate my body. I want to punish it for being so terrible and ugly, and you don't have to, but do you think you could maybe write a comfort fic? If you want? Mark or Dark, I don't care..

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“Hey! HEY!” Mark declares vehemently in his patented Youtuber-with-no-indoor-voice way. He shakes a finger at you in a manner that’s supposed to look imperious but just seems more comical than anything else.

“That is lies and balderdash! You are NOT ugly or terrible! NAY! You are an adorable bundle of squishy hooman adorableness and I will not have you saying such blasphemous things about yourself! I, the KING of Five Nights at Freddy’s have declared it, and so shall it be known! You are amazing, and beautiful, and talented and just so much MORE than you give yourself credit for!”

He gives a mock harrumph, then smiles at you gently. His mannerisms turn soft, his intonation becoming sweet in its earnestness. “So don’t give up on yourself, because I’ll never give up on you.” He opens his arms to give you a hug. “Now come here, so I can give you a good squooze.”


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