Lying is a Choice

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(Based on a prompt from @writing-central, and encouraged by @sageofsarcasm.)

He gave you a choice. He always gives you a choice.

In this case, it was truth or lie. You didn’t relish the thought of lying, but you feared His reaction if you told the truth.

He glared at you now. You swallowed hard.

You lied to Me. You had a choice. And you chose to lie to Me, of all people.” He sneered. “Did you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?

You were mentally kicking yourself. You should have known that He’d see right through you. You studied your shoes, not daring to look up at Him.

I suppose I should determine a suitable punishment for you…

You cringed and squinched your eyes shut. Oh man, this was gonna suck.

On the other hand… Guilt can be its own punishment.

You blinked, and your head snapped up. You stared at Him, agog. He was letting you off the hook? Seriously?!

He smirked. “But then, you’ll find that out soon enough.


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