Mark vs. Dark

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Mark is goofy and makes fun of himself, often before anyone else can. Dark takes Himself way too seriously and doesn’t appreciate being “mocked”.

Mark is sweet and charming. Dark is seductive and mysterious.

Mark loves his family, friends and fans. Dark is hell-bent on gaining everyone’s complete devotion. Forever.

Mark is a confident boy who sometimes overreaches. Dark is an arrogant prick.

Mark is persistent. Dark is obsessive.

Mark would like to spend quality time with people. Dark isolates them with no way out.

Mark is patient. Dark sits back and waits, taking His time, to the point that He almost seems lazy to the uninformed.

Mark’s flashes of temper cause us to worry for his health. Dark’s rage is truly terrifying to behold and makes us want to run the other way.

Mark works hard. Given the givens? I doubt Dark truly allows Himself a moment’s rest, until all is said and done. (Do demons actually sleep? Like, at all?)

Mark likes to wear clothes that look good on him and are comfy. Dark has a thing about making an impression, and that somehow usually involves a three-piece suit.

Mark has a low, pleasant speaking voice. Dark’s voice is unnaturally deep, and is accompanied by sometimes-painful white noise.

Mark’s shenanigans drive us crazy sometimes. Dark’s schemes utterly mystify us.

Mark fake-kills himself in humourous ways. Dark “died” and re-emerged in a fashion that left us emotionally overwhelmed to the point of tears.

Mark prefers having command over his life and self-image (although he, like the rest of us, can and has made mistakes). Dark is a control freak beyond anything that can be considered reasonable.

Mark admits to his failings and is always trying to improve. Dark sees Himself as inherently superior, and His “shortcomings” are a flaw in your perceptions and not His behaviour/attitude.

Mark offers kindly words out of the goodness of his heart. Dark will say nice things to manipulate you.

Mark offers us the best of himself that he can give, asking for nothing but hitting the like button or donating to charity in his honour. Dark toys with our emotions, wanting everything that we have and leaving us longing for more from Him than He’s likely to give.

Dark is the embodiment of all Mark is, twisted into something that’s alluring and yet horrifying. Something that consumes and destroys rather than creating and uplifting.

He is the monster inside the man. Dark is Mark made wrong.

And that is why His door in the theatre was labeled



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