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I’ve been watching the Yandere Simulator LP, and… I think I have a “new” ego I’m fond of. New because… well, Yan is younger than Dark, and also because she’s new to me.

Yes, I said she. That wasn’t a typo.

Even though Mark acts out the part of a yandere as he plays, my mental image was of a teenage girl long before I saw the gameplay or knew anything about the game (or the character) itself. The fact that the character is an adolescent female in the game was just confirmation to me of my initial impressions. And Mark may not be able to speak in a high voice befitting the character on screen, but he definitely has the “catty teen girl” characterization down pat. With, of course, a supersized dose of homicidally crazy.

BTW, does anybody know WTF is up with video #4 (”Getting naked for Senpai”) in the playlist? It shows in the playlist on some browsers, but not on others, but I haven’t been able to play the video at all thus far.

One last thing before I close on this post: Yes, I have a legit headcanon on Yandere. Already. Shocker, I know. (Come on, you know your girl never stops thinking. :P)

In regards to Yan’s place among the Egos, some have been saying Dark’s one of her Senpais. But I don’t really think that’s so. 

You see, I think she’d actually see Dark as her Sensei. He’s an older and wiser Ego, so Yan would see Him as her Elder and her Teacher, an authority figure she would legitimately respect. She would be fascinated by His cool sense of control, and His ability to manipulate any situation to His advantage. She would be eager to “study” under Him… so she could literally get away with murder.

And He would see in Yan a potential weapon; one that needs honing, but ultimately shows promise in doing whatever dirty work needs to be done. He’d see the stone cold killer lying underneath such youthful innocence. Yan may be a blunt instrument now… but under Dark’s tutelage, she could become a highly-skilled assassin.


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