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Hi,um, could you please do a imagine with dark and a pianist SO?

Asked by nicolenick123
This was requested by a nonnymouse as well, so… *shrug* Why the heck not?

Originally posted by le-immorte

He has His eyes closed and is leaning back, arms resting against the arms of the comfortable seat. Your fingers are gently tickling the ivories, and you self-consciously stare down at your hands, making sure to get every note right.

When the music finally stops, He opens His eyes and stands. Walking over to you, His deep voice is in a lazy drawl. “Art, whether it consists of splashes of paint, or of ink on a page, or is made up of notes being played, is about what one feels creating it.

“You know what I felt from you just now?” He asks. You stare up at Him, and shake your head in genuine confusion. “Nothing. You are so focused on the technique, on being perfect, that you’ve neglected to put any passion behind it, to give it any meaning.”

He sits on the piano bench next to you and gently places His hands around your waist. You can feel His cool touch seeping through the fabric of your clothing, and His words are a soft rumble in your ear. “Now, close your eyes… and begin again.


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