My Big Damn Theory on Darkiplier

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Ok, so I’ve been watching Markiplier’s vids over the past few months, read some fanfics and fannish takes on Darkiplier, and I’ve finally come up with my own theory on what the well-dressed Dark One’s all about. Strap in.


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So, we know Darkiplier has been a shadowy influence on Markiplier’s channel from the beginning, starting with the short vids “Don’t Move” and “Don’t Blink.” We first hear him speak (possibly) in “Raspy Hill.”

Now, fans before me have theorized that Raspy Hill is Dark’s point of origin where he’s large and in charge, but I’d like to go one further. Raspy Hill is a demon realm, where he’s more than just in charge. There, he has ultimate, unlimited power to create every visitor’s worst nightmare (which for Mark, is hordes of attacking mannequins). Yeah, I said it: Dark’s not a mere demon, but a bona fide Hellgod (similar to Glory in BTVS).

Now he appears to be trying to break into our realm. Why, if he’s in charge of his own domain? Like Glory, it seems he’s no longer connected to his realm and NEEDS devoted worshipers to regain his Hellgod strength, hence his need to build a following here.

Remember, Mark himself has lamented that WE’VE given Darkiplier power, because we’ve been talking about Dark ever since he first showed up on Mark’s channel. “A Date with Markiplier” seems to also imply very strongly (from Dark’s own mouth, to boot) that MARK had made a deal with him, much to Mark’s own sorrow. (”He PROMISED he would let me in again!”)

What was the deal? People make Faustian bargains for any number of reasons. We know that Mark was in a bad place when Dark showed up and, like any good salesman, Dark likely made an offer that couldn’t be refused.

We know Mark’s a good guy who wants to make a difference. It’s entirely possible that Dark promised Mark that, so long as Dark had a means to restore his power. Enter the 17.8 million strong viewership… many of whom (including myself) adore Dark as a character. With our fascination and energetic discussions verging on devotion, he’s now strong enough to actively disrupt the channel. (”A Date with Markiplier,” “Markiplier TV,” “Don’t Play this Game,” etc.)

But wait! I’m not done!


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Remember how, in those early videos, Darkiplier’s influence was marked (c wut i did thar?) by strange behaviour and the fateful words “I don’t feel like myself”? A lot of fans have theorized that it was a classic case of possession, but I don’t think that’s quite true.

Darkiplier has the power to drag us down into a pocket dimension of his making. He can easily warp our perceptions; he doesn’t need to wear somebody as his meatsuit to mess with them. And, in “A Date with Markiplier,” he and Mark look the same yet have two separate bodies. Darkiplier physically COPIED Mark’s appearance, from the hair on down to the shoes, and Mark has implied (during the livestream awhile back) that what we saw was NOT Dark’s true appearance, but a puppeteer job.

I think that those “possession” moments earlier on were actually Dark telepathically influencing Mark, breaking him psychically, and with Mark going mad under the pressure of Dark’s supernatural force. It’s easy to give someone whatever they want, or convince them that you can help them, if you can read their minds and anticipate (and yes, influence) what they’re thinking to the point of causing them pain if they don’t comply.

Dark has been trying to break Mark for years. Why? Because he’s a fundamentally good person who won’t submit to Dark’s evil. Just think about what Dark said to us during the “date”: pretending to offer multiple choices, but really providing only one. Saying all the right things to make us stop and consider taking the deal of letting him in (without even knowing what that really MEANS), to the point that many were HAPPY to make the “wrong choice”. And in “Markiplier TV”, Dark flat-out stated the present goal was control of the channel.

Moreover, Dark wanted us to CHOOSE him, to become devoted to him by choice. To choose to give him more power by surrendering our own. To be his loving servants FOREVER.

And, it looks like Dark could be winning so far. No wonder Mark’s scared for us.


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