My headcanons for Wilford, the Host and Dr. (I)Plier.

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Wilford was basically swept up in the wake of Dark’s resurrection. Will’s fundamentally more human than Dark, but he’s been… affected by Dark’s presence in that house. If you’ve read my fic “The Manor Borne,” you know what happens in the Darkness verse. But, long story short, Dark feels guilty for breaking the Colonel and has taken responsibility for Will. Not like a parent/child thing, but more like a… hospice caretaker kind of thing.

And, underneath the apparent insanity, Will’s actually very wise. If you sit and talk to him, privately, for more than a few minutes… you’ll hear him say some things that are actually very profound. He’s kinda crazy because his life is crazy… but he’s also adapted to it.

He’s also good friends with Dr. Schneeplestein (following the doctor’s unfortunate situation with Anti), and has a pleasantly flirtatious relationship with Light (Dark’s sister).



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The Author was captured and detained by some government (SCP-style) agency, due to how dangerous he was with his powers. He escaped during a patient/inmate riot… but not before one of the inmates gouged out his eyes. And the “trenchcoat”/straitjacket he likes to wear? It’s what he was strapped into when he escaped.

Dark found his hiding place, and promised to keep him out of harm’s way. That’s why he’s willing to work for the demon (as implied in Markiplier TV). He owes Dark for saving him.

But thereafter, when he joined the ranks of the boys at Ego Inc., the Author became known as the Host.



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Dr. Iplier and Dr. Plier are actually the same person. His first name is Edward, and he’s divorced with two kids that he only gets to see every other weekend. He’s good friends with his colleague Schneep, and has worked several ER shifts with him.

The constant 30-hour shifts in a busy hospital eventually became too much for him. It was stressing him out, and affecting his temper. (1000 lbs of stress in an ER night after night will do that.)

So, rather than renew his medical license, he simply let it expire. He then went back into school (after using the time sans license to decompress on an extended vacation) to study psychiatry, in order to understand the human mind better. He realized he had a knack for it, and that it was less stressful for him, so he decided to get a doctorate in behavioural science. He’s now a practicing clinician and therapist in a private mental health practice, and the medical consultant for the boys of Ego Inc.

He’s also found love again, and is currently involved with a very sweet lady… who is much more understanding of his personal and professional burdens than his ex-wife had been.

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