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Yeah, it was due to a funny comment someone made… but it actually got me thinking.

What if Dark and Anti were essentially father and son? Obviously, not literally, because (at the very least) they appear to be two different types of demons. Anti is a demon that tends to possess electronics, whereas Dark is similar to a crossroads demon, as he prefers to make deals with his intended victims.

But also? Anti comes off very young, like the worst kind of the “rebellious teenager” archetype. Dark, on the other hand, gives off the impression of being far, far older than he appears, and very wise in the ways of the human species (all the better to manipulate you, my dear).


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So… what if, some time ago, Dark just so happened to take a lost, angry and directionless newly-made demon under his great black wings? Taught him the basics of possession, the “rules” of demonhood, as it were. And in that time… a bond of trust and fealty formed? A bond that resembled human affection? (But of course, demonic and twisted, and not given to the more gentle emotions humans are capable of.)

You have Dark as a kind of foster father for a wayward imp who calls himself Anti.

What if that’s what Mark and Jack were making fun of? The fact that Mr. Tall, Dark & Sharply-Dressed and the Glitch Bitch actually care about each other? That, though they despise humankind and are rotten to the core, they still have enough humanity left in them to care about each other. Sounds crazy, right? So why does faux-Dark tenderly offer advice to not-Anti on how to properly intimidate people? Seems kinda out of nowhere, doesn’t it?

But here’s the thing: Even in humour, there are tiny pieces of truth to be found. What if that was the golden nugget? Not the “fight” over who’s in charge here, but the crack about their private discussions resembling a family counseling session where they try to work out their arguments more constructively (albeit with multiple cringe-funny interruptions).

Just a thought on this fine Thursday evening (after I myself had an actual therapy session).

But – on the off-chance this theory holds – making fun of Dark and Anti is suddenly so much more ill-advised than it originally sounded. Because, human or otherwise, no one likes it when their enemies target their loved ones. Like the saying goes, “You can do what you want to me, but don’t mess with my family!”

So you may think the teenager’s tantrum is bad, but just wait till Daddy gets home.


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