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To celebrate Nightwish’s 22-year-long career, and the release of their upcoming compilationDecades: An Archive of Song 1996-2015, I’ve put together these handy dandy infographics of their US chart history.

While none of their singles have really charted in the States, their albums have been successful here since Once was released in 2004 by Roadrunner Records. It’s also the only one of their US albums to feature their original singer Tarja Turunen, and it was a smash on the underground music scene.

The next two albums (Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum) were released through the Roadrunner label as well. Tarja had been replaced by Anette Olzon and, with their new frontwoman’s more radio-friendly voice, they finally broke into the U.S. mainstream.

But it wasn’t until Nightwish got Floor Jansen as their most recent vocalist (and a brand spankin’ new record deal with Nuclear Blast) that they finally had a successful live record on American shores, with Showtime, Storytime. And their first studio album with Floor, Endless Forms Most Beautiful found a place as a worthy successor to the Imaginaerum opus.

Thanks to their success, their recordings prior to Once were re-released (with minimal fanfare) by the metal label Century Media. We may have only known them here for the last 13 years, but that seems to be a lucky number for us Yankee headbangers.

Here’s to many more years of heavy symphonic beauty!


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