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We know Darkiplier wants attention, that He wants control and to be adored. That He’s manipulative and, when you allow yourself to consider what He’s truly capable of, He’s actually pretty damn scary. We also know that He doesn’t appreciate being pushed aside, and that being made a mockery of ticks Him off.

But everybody is afraid of something. So what could our favourite Hellgod most likely fear? What bogeyman could possibly spook this monster?

Being alone.

Just think about it. It’ll make perfect sense to you. But if you need a nudge, I’ll clarify.

The nature of the human psyche compels us to do the opposite of the thing that scares us. For example, a person who’s afraid to ride an elevator will never go in the elevator willingly. A person who’s afraid of the ocean will never want to swim in it.

Not all fears are so cut and dry, however.

People who are afflicted with the acute and debilitating fear of being alone (referred to in psychology as monophobia, and is usually combined with either other phobias or narcissism) do all they can to be around people, to get attention from people, because being isolated genuinely frightens them. They surround themselves with other personalities. Constantly. Because they may be lonely, but it’s less scary to feel alone when you still have guests at your dinner table.

Because hearing the white noise of other people around softens what would otherwise be an empty, interminable silence. A silence where you only have your own thoughts to keep you company.

Dark wants to be where the people are, demands our attention… because He doesn’t want to be by Himself.

Everybody has a weakness. And this may very well be His.


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