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MY TIME HAS COME I WANT ALL OF THEM but I won't do that to you can I have “Did you take anything? Why are you passing out? Hey! Stay with me!”with Mark pleeeaaase? -🌟

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(Here you go. Trigger warning for a depiction of a suicide attempt.)

You can feel your consciousness fading out, but you hear the sound of rapid footsteps barreling towards you.

“Oh god!” It’s Mark’s voice ringing around you. He calls your name, and you feel his hand lightly swat your cheek to keep you from passing out. “Hey! Come on! Stay with me! FUCK!”

His voice is so panicked, you find yourself wanting to reassure him. It’s better this way, you want to say, but all that comes out is a strained mumble.

“Did you take anything? What did you take?” He clearly saw the empty pill bottle lying within your reach, because the next sounds out of his mouth were a garbled string of curses.

What followed was a tinny voice over the phone. “911. What is your emergency?”

“My friend is passing out. There’s an empty pill bottle nearby. I don’t want them to die! I can’t let them die! Please, HURRY!”

(Obligatory PSA: If you ever feel compelled to end your life, please don’t. It will hurt the people you love more than you know. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a free 24-hour service. Please call or chat with them online. Don’t give up. There is always hope.)


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