Summoning Darkiplier

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(Inspired by this post.)

Darkiplier: “Why did you summon Me here?”

Me: “’Cos I missed you, Mr. Grumpypants. It’s been too long.”

Dark: *smirks*

Me: “So, can I give You a hug?”

Dark: “…”

Me: “That’s all I want. Honest.”

Dark: “A hug? Really? I can give you anything and everything… and you just want to get a hug.”

Me: “I want to give You a hug, not get one from You. There’s a difference.”

Dark: “….”

Me: “I saw Your backstory, y’know. And I know You’re evil and all… but You also need All The Hugs, because… well, it actually kinda sucks to be You, doesn’t it?”

Dark: “Hmmm. Well… I suppose one wouldn’t hurt…”

Me: :”Great!”

Dark: “Just don’t touch the hair.”

Me: *proceeds to all but tackle Him out of the summoning circle, in an epic glomp*


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