The fans’ relationship with Dark.

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Dark on Valentine’s Day: “Hello, beautiful. Anything you want, it’s yours. Trust me. Would I steer you wrong?”

Fandom: “I’m a little concerned about this, but I’m also aroused. WTF, Dark? How dare you be so pretty!”

Dark: “Aww, thanks. You’re too kind. Wanna snuggle? Also, you can’t leave me. EVER.”

Fandom: “I’m pretty sure I can live with that.”

Dark after Markiplier TV: *is chilling out, wherever demons go for summer vacation*

Fandom: “LOL. Edgelord wears too much eyeliner, amirite?”

Dark in WKM Chapter 3: *busts door open* “Heard you were talkin’ shit!”

Fandom: “Oh hi, Dark! We were just talking about you… only nice things, we promise! Also, WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?!”

Dark: “Hmm… let’s see, it’s a Thursday, that means mindyourgoddamnbusiness. Also, you pressed my batshit button; the killing of everything starts in five seconds.”

Fandom: “We are soooo immensely dead.”

Dark: “*sing-songy* That’s riiight. If you beg sufficiently, I might just torture you, rather than killing you.”


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