The Host and Doot at the pool

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Saria-the-phoenix asked: “I actually had a little spider friend when I was in the pool. He just sat with me and followed me when I moved. He was a jumping spider. Doot chilling by the pool?”

Doot scurried over poolside, and gave a happy chittering noise at the Host. “I am Doot?”

The Host smiled from his lounge chair. He stopped scanning the Braille lines in the book he was reading, as his unseeing eyes regarded the tiny spider-ego. “Oh, you’d like to go for a swim?”

Doot’s response was eager. “I am Doot!”

“Well, go on then. I will watch you. The Host is always aware of what goes on around him. You will be perfectly safe.” When Doot gave another little happy noise, the Host chuckled. “Do you have your swimming trunks?”

Doot gasped, having clearly forgotten. “I am Doot!”

“Well, go get them then. You shouldn’t swim in your everyday clothing. It grows damp and weighs you down, and you could get sick from wearing wet clothes.”

Doot gave an obedient meep noise and skittered off. He came back in record time wearing six-legged swim trunks and a pair of tiny water wings, all having been lovingly crafted earlier by Bim.

“That’s better,” the Host said. “Go have fun. I’ll be right here if you need me.”

Doot squealed, “I AM DOOOOTTT!!!” and jumped into the pool with a pint-sized splash.

The Host chuckled. He was glad that this young ego had joined them; it certainly made for a little more levity in what was otherwise a very serious arrangement.

Hopefully, it was a sign of a brighter future for them all.


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