When Dark leaves…

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*tries to cartwheel, trips in instead* heyyyy friennnd whadda ya think about doing a Dark X reader something or other where the reader has abandonment issues?

Asked by sageofsarcasm

Your heart plummets as Dark says He’s leaving.

I will be on business,” He informs you. “It is only for a few days, My dear. Do not fret.

“But…” you protest, your heart clenching.

Calm yourself, little one. I will return.” He gazes down at you, compassion in His obsidian eyes. He knows how you have suffered, though you’ve never mentioned the particulars. “Have I ever made a promise to you that I did not keep?

You slowly shake your head. He gives you a bare hint of a smile.

I do not wish to leave, but I must. There is work to be done, after all.” He shoulders His carry-on bag. “You will see. Time will pass quickly.” He drops a kiss on your head. “I will have something special for you upon My return.


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