Single Downloads

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O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Performed by Cindy Joyce Treglia.

Silence (KM’s Album Edit)

Performed by Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan.

You Drive Me Crazy (KM’s Stop The Madness! Remix)

Performed by Britney Spears.

Waiting For Tonight (KM’s Momentous Hex Edit)

Performed by Jennifer Lopez.

Bring Me To Life (KM’s Epic Rock Mix)

Performed by Evanescence featuring Paul McCoy.

Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (KM’s Latin Love Extension)

Performed by Christina Aguilera & Ricky Martin

Auld Lang Syne

Performed by Cindy Joyce Treglia.

Darkiplier’s Girl (Demo Version)

Performed by Markiplier vs. Rihanna.

Imaginary (KM’s Purple Sky Mix)

Performed by Evanescence.

Apparel & Accessories

She Wants the “D”

Available exclusively as a tee.

Property of Darkiplier

Available as a mug and sticker.

Darkiplier For President (New Version)

Available as a tee, hoodie and sticker.

Let Me In

Design available as a tee, hoodie, tank top and mug.